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欧胜,我们提供个性化,专业化的服务。我们有一系列的产品为我们所有的房间,菜单和会议配套的,我们自豪地位于前向式和充满活力的学术环境。我们经验丰富的188体育在线团队将随时帮助您计划您的活动,从初步询价到这一天本身。 wolson学院已在入门级与宗旨,精益求精的保证(通过会议行业协会,MIA)被认可。


  • Members and Visitors to Wolfson


    We welcome all Wolfson members, many of whom return to visit us year after year. Whether you are visiting for academic studies, hosting a summer school, or attending an alumni reunion, members of Wolfson are welcomed for life. We offer discounts to our members on private dining, conferences and events (T&Cs apply). Please 保持联系 与188体育在线的团队以获取更多信息。 

  • NNedPro conference


    我们可以为我们的十英亩的土地,它拥有一系列成熟的树木包围的私家园林空间中的任何事件提供现场住宿。我们有各种与国家的最先进的演示工具,会议和展览设施。我们可以容纳大至200组 - 但我们很高兴地举办更亲密的聚会也是如此。

Conference & 事件 Team

Meet our Conference & 事件 team, Nikki and Kelly. They are here to help you plan occasions and functions, from garden parties, small meetings, dinners, exhibitions or conferences for up to 200 people. From your initial inquiry to the day itself, Nikki and Kelly can help you choose the right space for your event, plan menus and arrange accommodation for residential conferences. They work closely with the 餐饮 Services team and our Head Chef to ensure high-quality dishes and beverages. They are always happy to arrange a visit so they can show you what Wolfson has to offer. 保持联系 讨论您的需求。



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