Las Vegas Girls

I just got back from Las Vegas and wow are the girls ever smoking hot! College girls love to head to Vegas to celebrate birthdays, bachelorette parties, and just to let loose and pick up guys. I saw so many short skirts and high heels I was in heaven, pictures to follow of course. I regret not being able to go to Las Vegas sooner to exploit all the young naive drunk college girls. The pools alone are worth seeing just for the tight bodies and big boobs that are flaunted all over the place. My brief highlights included seeing a short skirted female crawl into a van cab and flash her thong, a hot girl in heels walk out of a mall and have the wind blow her skirt up showing her thong, sitting across from numerous girls on the trams with short skirts that couldn’t do anything about me looking up their skirt at their hot pink panties. Lastly, I got on a crowded Duece bus that takes you down the strip and was able to get on behind a group of girls in skirts and since the bus was full I gladly followed them up the steep stairs to the second level 🙂 I got a eyefull of ass cheek from a skinny brunette in a short skirt. I am back and re-energized to bring you the best college girls around and I will try to get a Las Vegas post up shortly!

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