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Windy Upskirt Thong

Monday, January 11th, 2010

Mother nature can make for some great scenes in this world but not many of the natural wonders look this good in a thong. This hotty was caught by the wind as she was fiddling with her camera and then BAM! This is a perfect caught in the wind upskirt that is very high quality. The second picture is utterly amazing as she is caught in the perfect position to see her entire ass as well as her thong. Wind can do wonders to a girls skirt so I am just glad we can all participate in Mother Natures lesbian side!

Limousine Upskirt

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

Limousines are a great spot to see girls with their skirts hiked up, thongs, underwear, cleavage, and even upskirts. A limo creates a perfect storm to capture drunk college girls while they are dressed up and looking hot. Lets start with almost every girl in a limo is dressed up in a skirt and usually wearing sexy thong underwear. Secondly; the group of girls in a limousine is almost always drinking since it’s legal to drink and they are wanting to have a fun night out. Next the girls almost always have a camera or three on them to capture their big night out so they can show off to their friends on Facebook.

So what this all means is College Girls + Nice Dress + Drunk + Party + Thong underwear + Cameras = a great picture of a girl trying to get the driver to turn the CD player on to Britney Spears!

Drunk Girls Gone Wild

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

It is a well know fact that college girls lose their inhibitions when they start to get drunk. This means they are more wild in bed, show their tits in public, lose all control over keeping their legs closed, and will do anything necessary to distract you from winning any game played. They use alcohol as their excuse to act as wild as possible and not worry about the consequences till they wake up the next morning.

So enjoy the joys of alcohol and their effects on college girls across the world!

Catholic School Girl Upskirt

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

I never thought I would witness a group of catholic school girls performing a break and enter with skirts that barely cover their asses. I always knew that catholic school girls didn’t wear underwear under their short tight skirts at school. We finally have evidence to confirm that naughty school girls like to show off their hot asses everywhere they go including breaking the law by breaking and entering! The other chicks watching even wanted to take a quick peek at what their friend was wearing under her skirt; now that’s hot!

Limousine Sneak Peek

Thursday, November 5th, 2009

Shopping Checklist for a girls night out…
Drinks for the back of the Limo: Check
Hot little cocktail dress: Check
Hair and Make up: Check
VIP Bottle Service at the Club: Check
Limo Driver sneaking pictures of you not wearing underwear: Priceless

Both girls seem oblivious to the pictures being taken as the one college girl is spreading her legs like a hooker.

Girls Night Out Part 4

Sunday, October 25th, 2009

This will be the last post of a four part series. Please enjoy the girls giving each other a lap dance and showing off their cute panties and thongs. Make sure you zoom in for the full effect.

Post 1: will be the girls washing their hair in just their thong and bra.
Post 2: will be the big reveal of what underwear the girls are wearing for the big night out along with a brief runway performance.
Post 3: will be later in the night when all the girls have drank too much and they need to relieve themselves.
Post 4: will be even later in the night when they decide to show off what they or what they not wearing underneath their skirts while they give each other a lap dance.