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She’s Sexting A Naked Selfie

Sunday, August 3rd, 2014


What is it about college girls and selfies. This one here took all her clothes off to get naked to sext out a selfie. She has a sweet shaven pussy, sure, but that doesn’t mean she has to show it to everyone. Okay I was kidding, it’s great she likes to share her boobs and snatch. But at least clean up your dorm room a bit.

Naked Girls Partying In College

Saturday, February 1st, 2014


What is it about alcohol that makes girls get horny. These girls here were offered free booze at this college party. With the music going and all the sexy people around, they got aroused enough to start stripping each others clothes off. Before they knew it, they were topless and one of them got completely naked. She was braless and pantyless to begin with, but she took her pants and shirt off and didn’t even care. Everyone at the party got to see her DD’s and her phat white butt too.

Candy Bra’s And Panties

Saturday, November 28th, 2009

The tradition on wearing a Candy Bra and Candy Thong is a rare sight as it is usually reserved for the horniest of girls that don’t mind showing off their bodies as it doesn’t leave much to the imagination. These college girls want to let the guys see their nipples from in between the candy. They want the other girls and guys to lick the candy from their tits and grab it with their mouths to eat. These girls are wet and ready to go, and it usually is worn during a bachelorette party so most likely these chicks are getting married so it’s their last chance at a one night stand!

So take advantage of these girls now and take a good look for their see through nipple poking out and their shaved college snatch at the end.

We’re Going Streaking!

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

These college sorority girls have a yearly tradition of making the new recruits or pledges to so a small lap around campus completely naked. If they don’t complete the lap they don’t get into the sorority. The senior girls are always close by to take pictures of these pledges college asses and naked bodies.

If you look closely you will see that a few of the girls boobs are too big even for their own hands and spill out giving us a great look at some college titties. It does look like these college girls prepared for the run by shaving their pussy’s just in case things get crazier later in the night. Well enjoy some freshman college ass that is rip for the picking!

Girls Night Out Part 4

Sunday, October 25th, 2009

This will be the last post of a four part series. Please enjoy the girls giving each other a lap dance and showing off their cute panties and thongs. Make sure you zoom in for the full effect.

Post 1: will be the girls washing their hair in just their thong and bra.
Post 2: will be the big reveal of what underwear the girls are wearing for the big night out along with a brief runway performance.
Post 3: will be later in the night when all the girls have drank too much and they need to relieve themselves.
Post 4: will be even later in the night when they decide to show off what they or what they not wearing underneath their skirts while they give each other a lap dance.

European College Girls

Monday, September 7th, 2009

A EuroTrip is a right of passage of many college and university graduates who take some time off after school and reflect on the past four years by traveling to Europe. The real reason many students flock to Europe is for the hot college students that are a lot less inhibited than the North America variety college girls.

These smoking hot girls go for a quick swim and the more risque girl moons the camera revealing her perfectly shaved snatch. Make sure to look closely at her camel toe when she is posing for the group picture when they are all showing off their college titties. They must have some great memories for their beach experience; I can only imagine how the night ended up since their juices were already flowing on the beach!