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Shaved Girls Peeing

Monday, February 8th, 2010

I give props to the new trend among college girls; it used to be hot to wear a thong and show off your ass. Now its hot to shave your pussy bald to make sure when you are caught with your panties down by choice or by accident your bald cleanly shaven pussy looks its best. These girls got caught peeing mid stream and have a nice bald pussy to show off for the camera. the are real college girls that will be forever famous because a friend took a picture and posted it on the internet.

Every college girl pictured is drunk because they can’t hold it until they get to the bathroom. The second girl in the football stands is a perfect high quality shot of her shaved beaver. They don’t get any hotter then these girls so enjoy the new trend to keep driving the frat boys crazy!

Girls Peeing With Money Shot

Friday, February 5th, 2010

College girls peeing on camera at parties is becoming more and more common as girls get more comfortable with their sexuality and become more daring. These girls probably didn’t show you can see their hairy pussy while they are peeing. Most college girls shave their pubic hair to be bald or in the case of these girls a nice little trimmed bush or landing strip. We have the perfect angle on these girls to see the full monty. The last college girl has quite the pee stream going as she hovers over the gross public toilet. She doesn’t have a chance to cover her perfectly shaved snatch!

Girls Night Out Part 3

Saturday, October 24th, 2009

This will be the third post of a four part series. These girls must be drunk as they all have to go pee and we finally get to see why women go to the bathroom in packs.

Post 1: will be the girls washing their hair in just their thong and bra.
Post 2: will be the big reveal of what underwear the girls are wearing for the big night out along with a brief runway performance.
Post 3: will be later in the night when all the girls have drank too much and they need to relieve themselves.
Post 4: will be even later in the night when they decide to show off what they or what they not wearing underneath their skirts while they give each other a lap dance.

College Girls Peeing

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

This hot college girl drank a bit too much Heineken beer at this party. She has no shame though and doesn’t worry about going into the nearby house. She decides its a better idea to drop her tight fitting pants and show of her amazing tight tanned ass for all to see. This college girls let’s it fly with her neighbors homes only 40 feet away. I’m sure some nosy neighbor got a great show of ass!

Enjoy a firm college ass while this chick pee’s in public for only you to see.

Potty Hotties

Monday, April 6th, 2009

Caught with their pants down! These chicks are mid stream when a friend snaps a picture of the potty hottie in action. I made sure these were worth posting. All girls are cleanly shaven for your pleasure and are drunk enough to lose their inhibitions. Enjoy the full size pics of college girls peeing in public places and even through a window. Look out below! Because I sure will be looking below their belt!

Drunk Girls Peeing

Friday, July 11th, 2008

When real hot college girls start to get drunk and they are at a party they will eventually need to go pee. Its been a more recent trend among girls to take pics of girls peeing in the bathroom or at the side of a road. When you gotta go you gotta go and why not take the embarrassing photo while your at it. College girls will piss anywhere when they are hammered; in sinks, bathtubs, side of the road, in garbage cans, all for you to see if your quick enough with a camera. I have many more of these in my personal collection, the ones I will not publish on the site show more than any girl would want on the internet. I will make more post of my personal collection later and give all my loyal readers a money shot!