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Case Of The Moondays

Monday, January 18th, 2010

Getting a college girl to wake up for class is always difficult after a long weekend of partying. So the term was coined of having a case of the Moondays! So in the spirit of not wanting to go back to work lets look at a bunch of hot girls mooning the camera. These girls all have tight asses that you could bounce a quarter off of. So I hope these hot girls give you a better start than average to your Moonday work day!

European College Girls

Monday, September 7th, 2009

A EuroTrip is a right of passage of many college and university graduates who take some time off after school and reflect on the past four years by traveling to Europe. The real reason many students flock to Europe is for the hot college students that are a lot less inhibited than the North America variety college girls.

These smoking hot girls go for a quick swim and the more risque girl moons the camera revealing her perfectly shaved snatch. Make sure to look closely at her camel toe when she is posing for the group picture when they are all showing off their college titties. They must have some great memories for their beach experience; I can only imagine how the night ended up since their juices were already flowing on the beach!

Drunk Birthday Girl

Monday, May 11th, 2009

College girls love to feel like a princess on their birthday. This usually means a tiara and lots of liquid courage so that they can get drunk and obnoxious and have an excuse. They want everybody looking at them to build up their self esteem. What they don’t want is their friends taking pictures while they get ready for the night out wearing only a thong and or a bra. These girls are so drunk she is even posing for the camera! Wow college chicks love attention. This attention whore will now go down in internet history as a hot chick with a nicely groomed snatch. Enjoy!

Wedding of the Century

Sunday, April 12th, 2009

Let this be a lesson to all Groom’s out there. Use a better password to protect your wedding photos. This is one hot bride that knows how to turn her husband on by wearing lacy thongs and having some of the hottest bridesmaids I have ever seen. The bridesmaids even get into the action by mooning the camera man. They show off their hot choice of underwear but they are outdone by the bride who has a even hotter thong on. I would of loved to see the pics from the bachelor party or the bachelorette party as I think adding booze would only fuel the fire.

Tanlines On College Girls Are Hot!

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

I love tanlines because I know it means that no one else has ever seen that part of a hot college girls body before! Girls with tan lines are more pure and innocent and when they are caught on camera they are forever known as a wild child. This series is all college girls asses with some of the hottest tan lines I have ever seen. Make sure you click them for the full size effect.

A Face With A Brown Eye

Saturday, January 31st, 2009

Girls love any excuse to show off their body and use an excuse such as drawing on another girls ass to hide their lesbian fantasy’s. College girls go through a discovery phase when they need to experiment in socially acceptable ways and one of those ways is drawing faces on your friends ass as you stare right at your girlfriends tight slit. She has to keep a steady eye on the drawing or it turn out like the girl on the far lefts ass. You can even see the shaved snatch that distracted one of the other girls from drawing anything legible. If I had my bets whoever drew that is experimenting with girls. I don’t blame her for being distracted while drawing because this picture is hot!