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Girls Peeing With Money Shot

Friday, February 5th, 2010

College girls peeing on camera at parties is becoming more and more common as girls get more comfortable with their sexuality and become more daring. These girls probably didn’t show you can see their hairy pussy while they are peeing. Most college girls shave their pubic hair to be bald or in the case of these girls a nice little trimmed bush or landing strip. We have the perfect angle on these girls to see the full monty. The last college girl has quite the pee stream going as she hovers over the gross public toilet. She doesn’t have a chance to cover her perfectly shaved snatch!

Perfect Ass

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

When a girl has to go pee their is no stopping where they will pull over their car for a chance to piss. This hot college student had the driver pull over at the side of a road and pulled her pants and thong down before even getting out of the car. She had to pee so bad she didn’t even care that the other college girls in the car were just about to snap a picture of her perfect little tanned ass and pink thong pulled down to her knees. This is what happens when you drink all night at a bar, you inevitably have to pee on the way home.

You can even tell she is looking at the traffic to see who is driving down the road. I think she should of been worried about the million or so internet users that are now looking at your ass from behind!

Drunk Girls Peeing

Friday, December 11th, 2009

When drunk girls have to pee the will pee anywhere including a busy road with no privacy. This European college girl is caught with her pants down and pussy exposed while her friend tries to save her from humiliation. It doesn’t work as the second picture gets a great quality picture of her bald pussy in the most vulnerable of positions. She attempts to cover up to no avail as they just keep snapping pictures from different angles. I can just imagine what all the cars passing by this drunk girl peeing on the side of a highway are thinking. They all try to sneak a peek at her perfect little snatch I am sure.