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Flashing For Her Ex BF

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014


New Year’s Eve Gone Wild

Friday, January 1st, 2010

As promised I am delivering a huge post to start your New Year off right. The crazy drunk and horny college girls go a little too far at their New Year’s Eve bash when they get under the shower of water. These drunk girls strip off their shirts to show off their huge tits and grind one another in the sexiest lesbian way possible. They are grabbing each others boobs while dancing with each other and showing off for the crowd. On crazy college girl gone wild even strips on completely to show her perfectly shaved landing strip for the horny guys looking on.

This is probably one of the best wet t-shirt contests I have ever witnessed so please enjoy responsibly. The was shot at a bar near Chicago, Illinois where almost every girl is rich and hot in that order. These rich girls really know how to party like a naked rock star!

Party Boat Lap Dance

Friday, March 13th, 2009

This College Boat Party got out of control. This brunette who sports an amazing ass decides to give a show for her man of the hour. She sits on his face and then grinds her pussy and ass all over his crotch. She is obviously hammered but still performing for the large crowd of college guys. This is one lap dance this guy will never forget. Click the video footage link to see the video. Most of the videos I have been posting are getting taken down before you guys get to see them so I will just post links from now on versus embedding the vids. Enjoy.

More Skinny Dipping

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

All it takes in one out going girl to peer pressure the “shy” girl into doing something crazy like stripping down to you underwear and swimming nude. The “shy” girl did end up taking her underwear off but not until she was in the water. The outgoing girl had no problem showing off for the camera girl as she took her plunge while showing off her great white ass. I love tan lines because I now know I am one of the privileged few that have seen this chicks naked ass! Make sure to look close when the girls are getting out of the water as I see a hint of bush. This is another great skinny dipping series brought to you buy college regrets.

Girls Gone Wild

Friday, January 30th, 2009

Drunken Girls with a camera is the best combination since eggs and bacon except that these girls show off their pancakes and rumps when drunk! These college girls gone wild decided to take a quick bath together and lather each other up. in this series one girl looks completely naked while the other girls are wet but innocent. It makes for a much hotter pic than the stage pics we normally get to see. This is purely drunken amateur girls that probably go to the nearest college from your house. Next time you see a hot college chick just think if you search hard enough you will find a pic like this of her on the internet!

College Girls Streaking

Friday, September 5th, 2008

Just Like in the movies college girls love to go streaking and show off their tight bodies for the passer byers and voyeurs watching. A group of College girls had the bright idea to go streaking and wore their towels down from their dorm. The tall blond is showing off her shaved snatch and you can see a hint of lip in the one picture and the brunette is showing of some saucer nipples. If you look closely you will find some other hidden hairy treasures! Enjoy the sorority girls streaking nude in public.