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See-Through Black Tights

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

When girls try to be trend they usually follow other popular girls wardrobe choices not realizing how revealing the choice can be. Tight black tights makes college girls asses look amazing which started the yoga pant trend. I used to love walking by college campuses to check out the latest fashion trends and the black tight fad that is still going strong definitely makes most girls asses look tighter and harder.

These girls don’t realize that a camera flash makes these pants almost see through when they are stretched. We get a perfect view of a girl playing twisters thong as if she wasn’t even wearing any pants because they are so elastic and stretched. The second girl is obviously drunk and wants to show of her underwear to the camera but I am sure she doesn’t realize just how much she is showing to the world!

Girls Stripping Girls

Friday, February 12th, 2010

Hot college girls stripping each other when they are vulnerable and embarrassed is a wonderful thing. No guy could ever get away with pulling a hot girls towel down, or trying to pull down her thong or even rip her thong right off (her thong is only being held down by her moist pussy lips). So leave it to these girls best friends to try to expose them in from of the camera. These girls are obviously embarrassed by their friends attempt to strip them against their will. We are just lucky to have a willing participant in the room to snap a high quality picture of their ass and thongs. One girl is even completely naked under her towel as they tried to rip it off.

Spring Break Thong

Friday, January 29th, 2010

When you go on spring break and pay extra for a walk out hotel room make sure you close your curtains when you are naked and changing into your thong. This college spring breaker makes the cardinal sin of changing for the world to see and showing her beautiful shaved pussy and perfectly tanned ass. The picture taker even managed to get her perfect perky titties in the view while she was quickly changing from her bikini into her thong to get ready to go out for dinner. So guys that go on spring break make sure to keep your eyes open and peak into the windows of adjacent hotel rooms because you never know when you will see a hot college girl naked.

Stripping On The Bar

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

It’s always in the bars best interest to get hot college girls stripping or participating in a thong contest to make sure all the horny guys stay and drink. These drunk girls gone wild have usually had a couple too many to drink and feel the need to try to “win” a $50 bar tab or something meaningless compared to their picture of their ass being plastered on the internet. imagine the job interview these girls would have with a potential boss that have seen them practically naked.

Wild College Thongs

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

The one girls has a nice tramp stamp at the small of her back that she is showing off by pulling her thong underwear down in order to moon us. Picture 2 gets a little help from the frat boy to show her ass off for the camera. Her thong is so small that you can barely see it as its covered by the crack of her hard little ass.

Enjoy the show! One more themed post this week and we will be back to something different next week. Any suggestions? Skinny Dipping? Boobs? Asses? Kissing? Pussy Shots? Wet T-shirts? Peeing Girls? Drunk Girls? Showering Girls? Hot Tubs?

Pick A Ass Any Ass

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

I think I prefer the girl on the right with the slightly more tanned ass. Hers seems to be more round and have a better shape to it. The college girl on the left doesn’t have as much shape and needs to get to a nude beach to tan her ass. The girl on the rights thong is better as well, it shows more and is has much less cloth to it.

What do you guys think? If you could build a prefect ass from scratch what would it look like and what position would she be posing in? Would she wear a thong? be mooning? a hiked up skirt? I will post a picture of the perfect ass that you describe if you post it in the comments!