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New Site Alert: College Rules

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

It’s true, college does indeed rule. No other site proves it more than this newly released party site: College Rules. This site is full of real college coeds and frat guys partying together in their dorm rooms. Not only that, but there’s games like beer pong, strip poker and tons of partner swapping orgies. You won’t find any pornstars here, you know that College Regrets is all about finding real amateur college girls and this site has it. Take a look at some of these sex parties and tell me you don’t wish you were still in school.

Two Girls Who Lost A Game Of Beer Pong

Friday, June 18th, 2010

There’s this new site that’s just been released called Submit Your Bitch. It’s totally full of hot college coeds. The way it works is simple, angry ex boyfriends are submitting pictures of their ex gf’s who cheated on them. Talk about the ultimate revenge. The picture above happened at this college party a few years back. These drunk girls lost a game of beer pong and had to suck this guy’s cock. Little did they know that years later this picture would come back to haunt them. This guy posted this pic on his Facebook and tagged her profile with it. Powned!

College Girls Kissing Each Other

Monday, May 24th, 2010

Here’s one we thought you’d like. I came across a site that focuses all about real college girls in some self shot stuff. This one in particular has a couple of straight babes kissing each other and trying out lesbian sex for the first time. Here’s a direct link to see these university chicks making out. They’re going to regret this later.

Skinny Dipping Kiss

Monday, January 25th, 2010

This party got a bit out of control as you can see by all the booze that was drank in the background. These two college girls started to skinny dip but that wasn’t enough because they were so turned on they wanted more. They are both topless which makes the picture even more hot because you can see their erect nipple almost touching each other as they lock lips passionately. you can tell the kiss is a wet one because both of the college chicks eyes are closed and they are engrossed in the moment. This drunken kiss is why you should get girls drunk at every party you go to because you never know when a hot scene like this breaks out! Just remember your camera!

Spring Break Girls Gone Wild

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

There is always one girl in every group of girls that is a closet freak and that loves attention. Luckily for you I have found her and her friends sun tanning it up and using lotion on each other. Because her tits are so white I am assuming this is the first time she has ever showed her perky boobs in public. She knows she has a hot little college body and she doesn’t mind showing it off.

The other girls are just as hot as her but they decide to keep their clothes on which is a shame. I just like the fact that the one is lathering up the lotion all over her boobs in the last pic. I am sure they got the boys attention during spring break with boobs like that and no inhibitions!