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Hot Skinny Dip

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

Skinny dipping girls do not get much hotter than this. these college hotties decide to get naked and go skinny dipping at the lake. Some girls kept their thongs on but almost all of them got right down to their birthday suit and jumped in the water. I love the fact that the girls have to huddle together to try to cover up their big tits and shaved snatches from the camera girl. You can tell front he tan lines they do not get naked outside too often so this is a rare treat to see this caliber of women naked and caught on camera.

Since they are not too embarrassed about being photographed I can only imagine they are pretty drunk. Also the fact that the one girl didn’t manage to cover up her nipple in the last picture confirms this fact. Her boobs where so big that it was probably impossible to cover them in time for the group picture with all the other naked college girls.

Hot Hand Bras

Sunday, February 14th, 2010

Happy Valentines Day! There is no better way to celebrate than to look at hot pictures of real college girls using their hands to squeeze their tits together to try and not show any nipple for the camera. I tried to find the hottest girls around for this post and boy did I think I delivered some hot college ass. All these girls have tight bodies and boobs to match. If you look close you will find the odd nip slip as well. its hard to cover up your tits just right with your hand bra. Some girls go for the 2 handed approach of one hand per tit, other girls go fro the one hand approach to try to cover both boobs. I prefer the one handed method as their is a better chance to show some nipple and their boobs tend to spill out the side.

Virgin Spring Break Boobies

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

When hot college girls choose to take off their tops and tan their boobs all the men around them will hurt their necks. The girl with the pink shades has decided to pop her top for the first time in public and her friends got a couple pictures of the occasion. Her large natural tits have never before seen the sun as you can tell by the fact that she has huge tan lines and her boobs are pure white. You can almost see the sun reflect off or her perfect “D” breasts as they reflect off her virgin white skin.  She is defiantly having a fun day at the beach and is getting less shy by the moment.

Body Shot Boobies

Sunday, January 3rd, 2010

This Mardi Gras themed party too a turn for the better when a few guys convinced these two college hotties to pull out their huge tits and let them do a shot of liquid cocaine off their navel. They even managed to lick the chaser drink off their erect nipples and enjoyed the extra long suck that drunk guys take advantage off all across the country. The bartender managed to sock these girls good to ensure the guys had to lick every inch of their hot college bodies and their massive tits that just beg to be taken out of their bras and shown off.

I love college girls that don’t mind taking a shot off their tits; especially when they are as big as these college girl titties.

New Year’s Eve Gone Wild

Friday, January 1st, 2010

As promised I am delivering a huge post to start your New Year off right. The crazy drunk and horny college girls go a little too far at their New Year’s Eve bash when they get under the shower of water. These drunk girls strip off their shirts to show off their huge tits and grind one another in the sexiest lesbian way possible. They are grabbing each others boobs while dancing with each other and showing off for the crowd. On crazy college girl gone wild even strips on completely to show her perfectly shaved landing strip for the horny guys looking on.

This is probably one of the best wet t-shirt contests I have ever witnessed so please enjoy responsibly. The was shot at a bar near Chicago, Illinois where almost every girl is rich and hot in that order. These rich girls really know how to party like a naked rock star!

Shaved College Dorm Girl

Thursday, December 31st, 2009

This hot college girl will drive anyone crazy with her tight hard body. She is waiting for us to fully strip her down and check out every inch of her body. She has a shaved snatch that is almost peeking out from under her yoga pants. She can barely cover her tits with her hands as they spill out onto the covers beside her. These are one of the most beautiful sets of real tits I have ever seen on a college girl. She even has the lube ready to go so you can fuck her all night long!

You can even see her sorority sisters if you look past her headboard who probably have all banged their guys in that very same bedroom. Enjoy this college chick as they are not all built for speed like she is! I would skip class all day long to go down on her juicy pussy.